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Why I actually like Britain (NVGR)


Yes, I did indeed just say I like Britain. Through all the crime, absolute morons and ridiculous weather there is actually some good lurking beneath the disgusting layer of crap.

Now, shock horror, I actually have another love other than vidja games. And that is music. I listen to it at almost any opportunity. And the reason why I love Britain is for that reason. We have some damn fine bands here. Chances are you've probably not heard of many of them, but in case you give a damn, I thought I'd share some with you.

First up is Friendly Fires who I am pretty much obsessed with now. Hailing from St.Albans in Hertfordshire they released their debut album the other week. Now, I've not had a chance to pick it up yet but I'm in love with their single, Jump In The Pool. Even more so because at Reading Festival they made the end of the song even more epic by stretching it on for about 2 minutes more with carnival dancers and all sorts.

Next is Laura Marling. Whereas Friendly Fires are sort of indie disco, Laura Marling is at the opposite end of the spectrum dabbling in folk. She's like a British female Bright Eyes, whom I also love. Whereas the majority of British female solo artists have pretty annoying voices (eg. Kate Nash), Laura Marling has a pretty beautiful sort of gravelly feel. She also does a lot of collaborations with other bands. All this and she's only 18. The video below is of one collaboration with a band known as the Mystery Jets.

Next is Hot Chip, who you may or may not have heard of. They're like an indie pop version of Weezer ie. all nerdy and cool. Their style changes with nearly every song. Sometimes it's rather eclectic, other times it's generic pop and every time they seem to nail it.

With the last one, I've sort of cheated a little since they're actually from France. But it's close to Britain so it sort of counts. Justice. Easily one of my favourite bands. Sort of a successor to Daft Punk. They put on amazing live shows. They remixed Master of Puppets by Metallica at one of their live shows and it was fucking epic. Need I say more? No!

I hope that this has shown you some amazing bands that I like. Whether you like them or not is personal preference. But if you do, I'm glad to have helped.
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