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CONTEST REMINDER: Fallout 3 puppet- The final countdown


Make sure you hear what Gabe and Tycho start to say around about 1:58 or so, and keep an eye on the crowd.

This is it. Your chance to win a Fallout 3 puppet from PAX will soon be in the past. I wish I had one for everybody, but the sad fact of the matter is I only have one to give away. It's not too late to enter though, just click that link for the unbelievably easy entry requirements.

During the past week, I've been immensely entertained going through the C-blogs and seeing people's friend lists populated by a smattering of Vault Boy avatars. It almost made me feel like... a master... of something.


All kidding aside, I think the avatar contest has been a huge success and if I come across anything else cool to give away I'll probably do the same thing. The community's obvious love for the Fallout series has prompted me to pick up the original two games in the series--and from what little I've played, I think I now understand the enthusiasm surrounding everything even tangentially Fallout related. The feeling of absolute freedom to play in multiple, completely different yet valid ways is a refreshing change. Of course-- you all knew that already, that's why you want the puppet so bad, right?

None upside-down facing to the right? I must confess myself to be disappointed.

You have until 11:59PM Pacific time on Sunday night to enter. Avatars that are not somehow associated with the Vault Boy at the end of the contest are ineligible. I'll be posting the winner in my blog on Monday night. Good luck!

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