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Some Just Looking Impressions on Some Soon-To-Come Games. (With Some Samba)

Achievement Unlocked: Long Title Post.

Anyways, I'd thought I'd give some "Im Just Looking..." impressions on some games.
You know, for the sake of it. They'll be quick and brief. Promise.

(WARNING: I have not played ANY of these games. Im just giving off what I like and what I don't like based of what I've seen, read, and heard people praise/bitch about)


Where to start? Obviously, what draws me to this game is the comical violence, but what's interesting is that it doesn't seem to stop. From videos of gameplay and peoples experience, it seems that nearly every where you go in the game, there are 3 or 4 guys to fuck up, and about 3 or more ways to fuck them up.

That, and there has got to be some sort of Aggro Mode with this, and I must see it.


Dude, I've had interest in this game since it first debuted and I knew nothing about it, except that it had lions.
Now, I know I can take pictures of those lions. And Giraffes. And Hippos.
It's like Pokemon Snap, but replace Pokemon with LIONS IN FUCKING KENYA. And sadly, I want it.

Halo Wars

Emm, RTS, Prequel Halo, with lotsa Spartans instead of just one Chief? You can count me in. It's not the story or lack of Chief that draws me in, it's the RTS aspect of it. I loved Battle For Middle Earth on the 360, it was simple and effective, and this is shaping up to be the same way. And multiplayer will be damn interesting. I'd love to see an RTS Griffball.

Diablo 3

Oh jebus, what can I say. I've never, ever, ever played Diablo before hand, and this looks very interesting, from the whole story aspect, to some of the animations with the spells and stuff, to the amazing musical score. Once I get my own PC, I'll defiantly be giving this a through run through, so I can see what the hell all this Diablo talk is really about.

Well, dat's about it. Told ya it'd be brief. The only game I have a high percentage of getting off this list is Halo Wars, and that's because it's an Xbox 360 Game, and I have an Xbox 360. Looking to get a PS3 and Wii though, and eventually, a good mid-range PC.

Also, Samba:

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