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The Man With The "You Wish" Plan: Nintendo WiFi


It just feels right

Don't you wish you could just change something about the a console inner workings that you can't already fuck with (and in some cases, fuck up your warranty as well)?

Well, you can't. Tough luck and biscuits. Really, dry and burnt biscuits.

But hey, we can dream right? I know I can, and I'm going to share that dream with you. One that, if by some offhand chance, it comes true, you will all fucking give me 100 dollars, because I totally call dibs on this one.

Hint: Starts with "N", and ends with...oh. Nevermind.

Let's Change Nintendo WiFi

Let's say by some retarded chance, Nintendo wants to get on fixin...err, making Nintendo WiFi better. What would they do?

I raised me hand, and Mr. Miyamoto picks me.

Yes, well, I was thinking, hypothetically, that Nintendo could let Valve handle it.

Now just think for a minuet. A Steam-like service would be a great save for the Wii's online future. It could still be free, you can still have your Virtual Console and WiiWare, and you'd get all those nifty Steam features, like Usernames and Pics, and groups and maybe, just maybe;

Dedicated Servers.

This would come at a great time too, as Gabe has already given the Xbox 360 love beyond compare, as much to insult the PS3 as possible. How 'bout letting him up your own online service to further let him say "I Hate The PS3!"? It might not make exact sense, but hell, I'd know he'd jump on it.

Think about it, you'd be done with Friend Codes. With a little extra work, you could link your Steam PC and Steam Wii accounts together, and with even more work, and a little prayer that the Source engine is graced on the Wii (the Xbox could do it, with minimal lag from what I experience, so can the Wii), you could even link your friends from your Steam Games onto your games for the Wii.

Chat, Groups, upgraded parental controls for those careful and smart parents who have enough sense to use them, hell, with a little divine intervention, we could even have cross platform Wii vs PC play.

by The Wishful Thinkers Of Destructoid? Please?

I don't know, to me, it sounds like a dream come true if Valve where to take care of the Wii's online, and it might sound like I'm complaining about the current online service, which, while annoying, frustrating, and at times useless, does work most of the time, which is, at core, what I want it to do, but there is a part of me that wants all the shiny bells and whistles I've come accustomed to, while still have a working, friendly, and somewhat fun environment to play in. I know Nintendo is starting to kind of listen to complaints from the hardcore crowd (ala WiiSpeak, talks on space issues, admitting that E308 was lackluster), and I want them to get better. We all do. It's just that, well, it doesn't seem to be happening as quick as we want it to, and I can understand, you can fix your entire service in one day.

Do I want Nintendo to do something about it's online capabilities for the Wii?

Will I be heartbroken if Nintendo does nothing?
A little, but I've gotten used to Friend Codes with the DS, so I can deal.

Would I like Valve to make a Steam-like service to replace the Wii's current online service?
There isn't a word to describe how much I want this.
So I'll use several.


Thank you for your time.
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