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Mega 64 takes on Parappa the Rapper & some cosplay girls

Honestly this is one of the best Mega 64 sketches I've seen, though most of them are good.

Would you want hugs from these cosplayers?

Since this is a post about videos, let's toss in some more gaming related ones!

A rapper named Charles Hamilton raps over a remixed Sonic beat:

The alternate persona of David Firth (the creator of Salad Fingers makes a video about Mario here

Some footage of the bikes update coming to Burnout Paradise:

Your Favourite Soulja Boy plays some Halo

(tbh I couldn't bring myself to watch it)


Noel Gallagher of Oasis gets injured after being pushed of the stage by a "fan":

Some indian dude slaps a woman after she slaps him first (it's funny):

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