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I feel Bad. (Video Game Related)


I feel like I'm the only one on Destructoid...no, I take that back.

I feel like I'm one of the very few on the internet who still enjoy/would enjoy the Nintendo Wii.

I still luv you

It seems like every time Wii news comes out now, it's just common sense to step on and hate it now. Now, I'm not here to chastise and belittle you about people's opinions on the Wii, I just.....I just feel bad.

It was the same thing with the PS3 when it first dropped. One good game out of launch, and nothing but a tech demo to keep me interested (for others, it was the 600 dollar price tag, and a little of me to0, but I could deal with pricing. Shit's expensive, I felt that when I bought my Sansa). I felt bad for ol' Sony for some of the negative flack it was getting, from me included. I knew that I'd one day, end up wanting the damn thing, and look at me now, the main reason I want a PS3 is because Xbox Live isn't doing it for me (read: I refuse to pay for a service in which I am subject to listen to grown me, sincerely, cry. I'm not being mean or anything, it's just a little far for me. I have limits), and PSN is the next best choice, since Cthulhu knows I'm not getting into PC gaming that far past Team Fortress 2.

That, and Afrika is "do want" on a Root Beer snowcone.

Cradle Of Fuckin' Civilization!

Now, with the Wii, I've always wanted one, since I first heard about the damn thing. When I saw the controller, a bunch of different ideas popped into my head about would could be done, and when I saw the launch list, some of those ideas had already been taken and made into material positions I would someday enjoy. And I could feel that vibe with some others as well.

The Wii dropped, and people where happy with it.

Then more games started coming out. As I noticed my list of games for the Wii I wanted grew, the more angry the gaming public became with Nintendo as a whole. I couldn't understand the whole flack; I owned an Xbox 360, I farked around with Gears for awhile, and I already had 10 games for the Wii I wanted by July of 2007. I never had that with any console before.

Outside of me and my own, Wii-less self, it wasn't the case.

I understand, the Wii doesn't cater to the "hardcore" gamer all that much, I can understand it has shovelware, an abnormal amount of it, but still, as an avid Xbox Liver, and gamer as a whole back then, I could still find fun in titles the Wii presented, as well as the other consoles. I can still find fun in some of those causal titles today, I spent about an hour playing Super Swing Golf before Best Buy told me to move on to another console and let the rest of the people play, (in which the line consisted of 6 frat boys, a Best Buy employee on break allegedly, and a little girl with her father). Hell, I found about 15 minuets of enjoyment from Carnival Games before I remembered I wasn't winning anything in real and wanted a hot dog.

It was delicious.

I don't know. I understand all the hate and everything, and a small part of me says I should join in, but the rest of me doesn't. The rest of me still yearns to find a Wii on store shelves, take it home, and play with it for the next two years, letting my grades drop, and the same rest of me wants to play Halo Wars and fap to lions in Kenya in Afrika.

I don't think I'll change anyone's opinion on the Wii, and hell, if I tried, it'd be a really bad attempt, but I still feel bad about the console and Nintendo in general. They made a console that's a lot of fun with a lot of people, and a lot of people hate it. I understand why, but it still makes me a little sad inside.

Oh well, till I can get a Wii and start reviewing Wii games myself, I guess I just have to keep envy on the people who still kept there Wii's and who still play them, whether or not they like what the console has to offer. You lucky fucks.


Can I come over and play? I'll bring a copy of Medal Of Honor....

(Please Note: That's not a real offer, I'd rather just wait for my own Wii than come over to one of you guy's houses and play. I'd then be tempted to shank you "South Side L.A." style and steal all of your games and stuff.

Daxelman: Fitting the Stereotype since his mother missed her period)
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