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All My DnD (NVGR, but it might get there)


I only wish is was that easy

Dungeons and Dragons. Where to start?

All honesty, I have no fucking clue.

Yes I do.

It all started at the end of May, I had graduated from middle school onto high-school, where the big dogs play, where coffee is an open yet hidden necessity, and people actually care what you were rollin' in. Conservation's with my Junior friends (I'm a sophomore), and some people I didn't know about, first led me back to that land I call World Of Warcraft.

A week trial began, and ended in frustration and anguish when the server seemed to just stop responding to my actions, and I couldn't kill those fucking harpies. Needless to say, I wanted to get back into WoW again, but alas, I could not. One, my mother had dropped the credit card used to pay for WoW, and two, I needed a job in order to pay for the game and the monthly fees myself. Other words, I was stuck with Steam, and a bunch of demos that include Portal: First Slice, Gish, Luminous, and Penny Arcade Adventures. Only one of those would work.

Sweet Baby Jesus, I need that full game.

Otherwise, after my friend had messed around in WoW for a couple of weeks (bastard Junior, money hog), and I had listened to his hilarious stories of him fucking around on Burning Legion, the subject matter of Dungeons And Dragons came up.

More along the lines of would I be willing to play.

First thing that came to mind was, "This will kill your reputation of being any kind of Black."

It then occurred to me that I played Pokemon with a sense of what EV training was, but I could still moderately kick ass in Madden, if I tried...hard. My social status would be kind of ok, long as I helped kids with their homework.

Second thing that came to mind was, "WTF is DnD?"

Damn Straight. You Tell Em Girl!

Ok, I did know what DnD was, in the basic general sense: The Cradle of Fucking Role Playing Civilization. That was it, all I knew about DnD. I didn't know how to play, I didn't know how to set up a character, hell, I didn't know what all that dice was for.


The only thing I could do was role play on my own, which my friend assured me I had to do, to survive. Now, I had plenty of experience, being in online role play, I was once in a Pokemon RP, and I RP'd with a fucking Magnemite that knew Morse Code. I was fucking prepared for the role play aspect of DnD.

The other shit, not so much.

I began searching in my pleasure time of Summer (read: when I had gone pass the point of boredom) on basic DnD news, just reading up on other peoples experiences, which lead me to FFXI, and it's 18 hour, maybe even more boss battles. Needless to say again, I got side tracked with that, realizing I was to scared to buy Dead Space, and really wanting a better PC so I could play TF2.

Oh yeah, Someone went There

Fast-forward to earlier today. The friend who had confused me(yes it's possible, no, you can't ask me how) into getting interested and wanting to sit down and play a round of DnD, was having a little conservation/fight about DnD 3.5 and DnD 4.0

Now, me, I know shit bricks about what they are talking about, but I decided to sit down and listened.

Fuck, now my brains are screwed. Not only did I not gain a better understanding of the DnD world, but I realized I'd need money to play this game as well (materials), and that DnD is SHITFUCKRETARDED complicated.

And yet, I still want to play. I want to be able to sit down with a group of random people/friends and play a role playing adventure where every now and then we run into a group of Pest Exterminators that charge entirely way to much for their services. I want to create a character that was a barbaric yet smart killer that still was illiterate. I wanted something that would handle the hurt until I got a Wii, a PS3, and a PC that would still play Portal, TF2, WoW, and L4D without lagging the hell up. Maybe even add Fallout 3 to that list, as my brother confiscated my 360 for his yearly clan battle "shiz-n-bisqits" because I'm in school, even though he's in school as well.

Bastard promised to give it back, motherfucker lied to me.

So, I guess what I'm trying to say is, that, soon, I will be getting into the mythical land of Orcs And Elves and random trap doors that kicked the Role Play genre in it's rear and told it to get a job working for Donald Trump.

I'm going to be a DnD nerd. It'll be hard work, dedication, money, and short brakes to get my Scout on, but I'm sure, for me;

It's going to be a rewarding experience.

That, and I seriously have nothing better to do. Other than browse D-Toid.
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