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China Be Addicted.


Yup, that's right.

Of all things, China has realized they have an addiction problem. No, not with communism, but with Online Video Games and other Internet related activities.

Basically, some government officials want to filter out the internet (even more), and create a program that would automatically log off users after spending a certain amount of time playing an online game or checking their Myspace.

Now, there are better ways to do this, and China is doing it half way.

"Filtering the internet."

-That's just stupid. Instead of filtering the internet, you guys are commies. You can make it so you would have to use some sort of I.D. to prove your over 18 to visit sites with "illegal or inappropriate" content. And since you guys are commies, you can cut the fingers off of anyone who tries to fake it.

"(Apparently) Adding parental controls."

-That's smart. Im think I remember hearing that a previous Xbox Live update allowed parents to control how much time Children spent on Xbox Live, or gave them a Time Window the kids would be allowed to play in. I see China wants to do that.


I'd just let 'em die from dehydration. Silly losers.

In other news, Korean Air sales spiked on Friday, as about 40 million tickets for flights to South Korea where bought yesterday....

Via Edge Online.

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