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Bout that time: Game Census

Well it's roughly that time of year again where I do a count on all my games! I say roughly cause I really don't know when it was I started, don't even know what month really :| Sometime around the end of summer ;p and I did it least end-of-summer so now it's time to do it again!

FAQ: Why do a game census?

A: Cause I collect games ;p


Q: What kind of games do you collect?

A: Any game that I like ;p I like 99% of the games in my collection - a few that came in bundles I got and was not worth the trouble trying to sell them :P And a few that are deserve my respect despite the fact I don't find any joy playing them (i.e. Metal Gear Series)



A: No, I just don't like playing it, I don't like stealth games, and while I'll admit it's a good game it's not in my taste.


Q: Why no pictures?

A: Cause I'm in the process of organizing everything and months away from finishing (otherwise I would have waited since about 20 or so games are missing off the list :|)


Q: Can I have your stuffs?

A: Only if you provide me with a video of you burning a cake :o And I get too choose what stuffs :P

Q: You suck for not having pictures

A: That's not a question

Episode 3: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=DX9U1B9R
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