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(NVGR, almost)Seriously.

Fuk Ur Shit, High School.


I hate you, I hate you so fucking much right now. You reunited me with friends so I don't have to talk with text messages (that are expensive. I fucking like expensive you bitch) or instant messengers, you (along with other worthless bitches) prompted me to give in and get a Facebook profile, you even made me start a blog so I could work on my writing skill for Gifted And Talented English.

Fuck You.

I really don't like cooked food for lunch, or asking a senior to go out and buy me Quizno's. I seriously don't like taking a German class in which yo get rewarded with German sweets, such as chocolate and gummy...bananas. I sure as hell hate your pep rallies, which are actually fun instead of middle school's, hands down, "Worst Pep Rallies Ever", which include a lot of cliche, unfunny material.

I actually like not being able to traverse outside to get to my classes. I really like having 7 classes a day instead of 5(although, I give you making those five classes longer). By golly, I love having to wake up at 6:30 in the morning to get to class instead of waking up at 7:30.

And I sure as hell hate having a driving permit.

So fuck you and your (somewhat) lively atmosphere, fuck you and you allowing me to soon get into DnD, fuck you and the chicken biscuits for 2 bucks.

I want to go back to...no.
I want to make hot, dirty sex with Middle School again. Badly.

Also, Samba.

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