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o.m.g, YOU DID WHAT?!

But it's already be done :o


A video, uh, "look-back". It's not really a review in any sense ;p and it's a bit botched and you'll see why :P

Couple things before I it gets embed :|

I am NOT at all trying to copy the AVGN.

- First off just cause my first game was bad doesn't mean all of them are.
- I'd probably only do PC games
- The ******* is NOT a ripoff the 32x burning :| He did not invent ******* games, and also I did my halo ******* long afore the 32x vid came out :|
- I'm not angry: there's no yelling ;p I'm not angry :| The game just plainly sucks :|

Oh I should name the game shouldn't I?

It's *shudder* Septerra Core

note: Sorry for the breathing I'll put the mike a wee bit farther away next time :P
And also the last 57 seconds had to be cut so it's missing.

The failed can explosion.
The reason as to why I did not have black powder for the second part :|
Kirby Dancing

Yes kirby dancing had to be cut for it to be short enough for youtube :( Sad sad day...

Ah well without further ado!

*cut* actually further ado: this is NSFW :| It's not vehement ranting or anything but I happen to curse a lot and it shows here ;p

Yes it's well short of amazing but it's my first ever so I'm fairly happy. Constructive criticism (not that asking that would be of any help on a gamer site :P) is more then welcome. If you want to flame then go ahead as well :D

But fuck you then -_-

I should also say that all the good scores on Metacritic seem to be banking on some sort of amazing story it's supposed to have. I'm gonna be honest, I only played for like 2 hours way back when I first got it, found that tori was the smuggler and escaped and all that. I couldn't play anymore, the game was just so amazingly boring and crap. I didn't find the story at all compelling up to that point but maybe it takes a drastic turn after that. Even so the games massive tediousness is a gigantic game-breaking throw off.

I wouldn't give the game more a solid 35.

Second episode as promised:

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