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Internet porn made easier with IE version 8


So this morning at work I stumbled upon an interesting article about the upcoming version of Internet Explorer. The new version of IE is going to come equipped with a mode that blocks the internet history making it easier for people to go onto naughty websites without other users of that computer and web browser ever knowing.

The InPrivate feature on Internet Explorer 8, nicknamed “porn mode”, allows users to conceal the sites they have viewed at the click of a button.

In my own personal opinion I do not like
this idea too much. It's not a huge deal to me as I hate IE and prefer Firefox. However I can see how a tool like this can be useful and keep a new level of privacy for people using the internet, especially when sharing a computer with a group of people.

Although casual users cannot see the previous user’s search history, authorities such as the police will be able to access it if necessary.

That's right kids. No looking up illegal things. I'm sure you all know what I'm referring to here and why the police would still have access to that history.

The software may be hailed as a victory for privacy campaigners, but it represents a serious threat to Microsoft’s bigger rival, Google. In allowing surfers to access websites but conceal their browsing behaviour, Microsoft prevents Internet sites from collecting information about their users — data that is then used to sell targeted advertising.

Of course Microsoft is more concerned with money and the stock market than they are with the fact that more people have easier access to porn. Microsoft is always so greedy.

What do you think about all this?
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