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When Bomberman Poops... *sigh*


So back in the day I used to make a lot of flash animations. I even have my own section on the Radiohead page of http://www.newgrounds.com/ (Movies by Tim Urlacher). One of my less ambitious animations is called When Bomberman Poops yet because it is featured on the video game parodies page it has the most views out of all of my movies. I was fourteen years old when I made that video and let me tell you, it's something that will always come back and haunt me. I'd have to say that I'm ashamed of all of those animations. I made some silly one's about poop and some serious one's about depression. I'm twenty-two years old now and I have no access to my Newgrounds account to delete my past. I stopped animating when I was eighteen. I wish I still did it but I don't have the heart or the time anymore. Still, I would like to make something some day to make up for the crap I made when I was young.

Do you ever get feelings like this about the past?
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