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Square Loves You.


You know, I find it that I still don't care that much, but I might as well say something.

They nerf'd them 18+ hour bosses in Final Fantasy XI.

That's right, Square Enix has plans to make these "notorious monsters" shorter to beat. From what I understand, it's not that the bosses themselves are difficult, but the amount of shit you have to take care of is so damn staggering and it just takes a long fucking time.

At first, a boss that can take a day to beat can seem like the most epic thing since sliced ham, but what I'm finding is that, for me personally, even after beating the damn thing, the epicness would ware off, I'd collect my drop, and then proceed to hang myself for taking that long to beat a digital monstrosity.

But the real surprise here is that Square seems to be listening to people. Either they are making good choices based on Consumer feedback (read: complaining), or the couldn't handle the massive overload of "OMG WHY DID YOU DO THIS??!?!?!" emails they where getting.

Either way, looking forward to Beyond the Limitation taking on these weaker (read: less HP fat) bosses, and seeing if Square made any differences. Pan. Warden, from what I read, was a total ass fuck.

Oh look, another blog. How goody!

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