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Rhythm Tengoku Gold is the must fun...ever!

I only know I tiny bit of Japenese (Yes and No) so I struggled through the menus to even get into the game. After finding a translation on the internet, I worked my way through and finally got to the game itself.

For those of you who don't know, Rhythm Tengoku Gold is available for the Nintendo DS and is the second in a series of quirky Wario Ware style rhythm games. Currently, you can only get them through import but pretty soon an English version will be released called Rhythm Heaven. But I'm impatient and wanted to play it right now.

To the game itself. It's basically a bunch of mini games in which you perform certain actions in sync with the music playing in the background. You have 4 mini games in each area and after you've completed those, you get the Remix of that section. The Remix is all of the mini games in that area bunched into one super rhythm game.
You do need to know what you are doing in each mini game before you attempt the remixes.

The only frustrating thing is it's hard to tell what you're meant to do. It's not the games fault; it provides a pretty detailed tutorial for each game, it's the fact that my Japanese is limited and I can't understand what on earth it is saying. The up side is, once you get the general gist of each mini game, the rest seem to follow a similar pattern.

You hold the DS like a book (similar to Brain Training) and use the touch screen to do all the movements, for example tapping on the screen to stamp the characters foot down, the flicking across the screen to throw the turnip into your bag. One of the games involves a singing Maoi that gets shat on by seagulls if you miss a note. Another involves you performing a rhythmic table tennis rally. All by using the touch screen.

The game may not sound like much, but it's one of those "Just one more game" type things. I found myself playing until late at night when about 2 hours ago I said to myself, "I'll stop after this one." The blend of colourful cartoons and addictive music just makes this a hell of a lot of fun. If you can work past the Japanese menus and tutorials, you'll have a shit ton of fun. Dancing round, tapping the DS and occasionally swearing at it because I didn't get a part right equal to a damn good game.
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