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I have come to a conflict.

I am officially, to scared.

To pre-order/buy Dead Space.

Oh Shit

Now, you might be wondering, "Who The Fuck Is this Pussy?", and I will admit, you might be close in your description, but let me explain.

You see, I usually don't get scared easily, a few Resident Evils, Im more worried about hand cramping than the Zombie around the corner, a few Silent Hill, and I'm just laughing because of how everyone seems to want to have sex with Pyramid Head. System Shock scares me from time to time, as does F.E.A.R., though much less, because I fap to slow motion, but still, Alma freaks me the fuck out. Zombies, when presented well, freak me the fuck out. Sentient and Homicidal A.I. freak me the motherfucking hell out.

And for some reason, just the general atmosphere of Dead Space causes me to, not litearily, shit my pants in total and complete fear, like nothing else.

I don't know what it is about Dead Space, maybe it's because of the presentation of everything, not having a HUD or other on screen elements to distract me from the horror coming for my face, maybe it's because of the disgusting monster things from Space Hell that, apparently, ate up my friends, or maybe Im just a fucking selective pussy.

Or maybe it's because I'm going on 16.

All I know is that, due to my fear, Im going to miss out on a great game, with already amazing back-story, and stupendous advertising. I might just get the movie and watch a speed run on Youtube or something, and actually buy the game a year later. Damnit.

I suck.

Have fun you guys, Im going back into fetal position.

And Im black.
Just...just throwing that out there. For kicks.
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